Central Heating Filter Installation

The route to a more efficient central heating system. Improve your boilers’ lifespan, lengthen it’s warranty, lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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What is a Central Heating Filter?

A Central Heating Filter (or magnetic filter) is designed to catch system sludge and therefore prevent the problems caused by loose debris and rust. Being magnetic, they are very effective at attracting and removing corroded iron and steel material which often forms the basis of the sludge.

Worth looking out for are designs that include a gravity de-aeration filter. These remove non-metallic debris so give additional filtration to the water, helping purify it further.

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Fact Check: Did You Know?

Over 80% of boiler breakdowns in the first five years are caused by the build-up of sludge, clinging to parts within your heating system. This is made up of debris and rust that build up in the pipes over time. Sludge often leads to a range of expensive component issues and a reduction in overall system efficiency.

In order to prevent problems from arising, we recommend our customers explore installing a magnetic filter to save money and make for a greener heating system. In fact, independent research has stated that you can save up to £80 on your annual gas bill by taking care of sludge-like deposits through filtration and cleaning.

What Causes The Need For Central Heating Filters?

With water passing through metal pipes and radiators in your central heating system, rust inevitably forms. After a prolonged period, the rust will break away from the pipe, mix with dirt and debris and go on to form a sludge-like substance. Within the system, the sludge will often settle in certain places that then causes cold spots in your radiators, the clogging of boiler components and soon becomes an expensive headache. 

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Signs You Need A Central Heating Filter Installation

  • Your radiators are cool at the bottom and hot at the top. 

  • Radiators bleed a murky, dark colour.

  • Boiler is making strange gurgling or banging noises.

Without tackling the problem of sludge, your system will become less and less efficient over time. This then leads to a spike in your energy bills and an increase in your carbon footprint. This is without then having to factor in the cost of repairs and the reduced lifespan of your appliances, making the installation of a central heating filter a sound, long-term investment.

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Guscott Central Heating Guarantee

Central Heating Guarantee

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Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

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