Central Heating M.O.T

Because your Central Heating needs some TLC too!

central Heating Health Survey

central Heating Health SurveyHas Your Central Heating System Had It’s Check Up?

For all you vehicle owners, you’ll likely be very familiar with your annual service and compulsory M.O.T. It’s an important part of ownership to ensure reliability, lower your running costs and uncover any potential issues before you wind up broken down in the middle of nowhere.

⚠️ Unfortunately, the same level of care often doesn’t apply to a central heating system, but it’s something we highly recommend.

? Similar to vehicles, central heating systems are subject to everyday wear and tear which if left, can lead to pipe blockages, inconvenient boiler breakdowns, losses of hot water and lukewarm radiators – argh!

✨ Like your vehicle service and M.O.T, there are a number of preventative options you can take to significantly reduce the chance of any of these issues forcing you to make a pit-stop. Better yet, not only do they prevent problems, but they also improve the performance of your system, helping you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


1. Think about conducting a Central Heating Health Survey (or as we like to refer to them, the MOT for your central heating system) ?‍⚕️

2. Book a Central Heating Powerflush (just like a deep-clean or jet-wash for your pipework, clearing unwelcome deposits and debris) ?

3. Install a Magnetic Central Heating Filter (just like a water filter, this improves the quality and purity of the water running through your system – removing the nasties that could have a bigger impact further down the line) ?

For more information, why not check out the specific pages on our website or give our friendly team a call on 01634 477023. We’re always on hand to advise on what might be right for you and your home.

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Central Heating Health Survey

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Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Sleep soundly knowing that your boiler is being installed by a trusted engineer, giving it a full warranty from the outset.

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Central Heating Guarantee

We offer a full 1-year guarantee on all central heating systems fitted by Guscott Heating Services.

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Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

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Environmentally Conscious

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Reduce Energy Bills

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