Central Heating Power Flush

Did you know that 87% of boiler breakdowns are caused by dirty systems?

A dirty system will increase fuel bills, reduce boiler efficiency and will cause damage to components both inside the boiler and on the heating system

…It maybe time for a central heating power flush!

Central Heating Power Flush

A popular solution to getting the most out of your central heating system is what we call a Central Heating Power Flush, or what it’s more commonly known as; a Powerflush.

Now you may have heard about your friends and family getting a Powerflush done and you may feel that it’s time to get one done for yourself.

Why is it such a common service? Because more and more homeowners are realising that they’re radiators are not as warm as they should be… And there’s a reason for that! There are numerous reasons to get a Central Heating Power Flush done which are explained further down this page.

The benefits of central heating system cleaning lead to a much more efficient system that will not only keep a warm home, but how it will help you save money on your gas bill too!

What Is Central Heating Power Flush?

A Central Heating Power Flush is a process which gives a central heating system a deep clean; clearing out deposits of any debris, rust or sludge. It’s very common for pipes to be fill up with such dirt over a long period of time and it’s certainly a regular procedure carried out by ourselves all over Kent.

How Does A Central Heating Power Flush Work Exactly?

A Gas Safe Registered Engineer will connect your central heating system to a pump which is deigned to push chemicals around your pipes, boiler and radiators.

This chemical solution will remove all forms of dirt, as well limescale and even contribute towards preventing rust in the future.

How Do I Know If I Need A Central Heating Power Flush?

Here are some of the signs to look out for which will tell you if you need one:

  • If your heating system takes a long time to heat up
  • If your radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top
  • If your boiler shuts down and needs restarting on a regular basis
  • If your boiler or radiators are noisy
  • If you’re unable to bleed your radiator
  • If your radiators take a long time to heat up
  • If you bleed your radiator and the water isn’t clear

What Are The Benefits of Getting a Power Flush done?

The benefits include not only solving the above problems, but a Powerflush results in a more energy efficient heating system which WILL save you a bundle on bills in the future.

Such procedure also drastically reduces chances of an unexpected breakdown and will even increase the life of your heating system.

Sometimes, such a procedure is recommended after receiving a boiler service to them last longer!

With it being a very popular job for us, we actively encourage all members of the public to take care of their central heating system, keeping a close eye on any of the above potential signs.

We pride ourselves on holding our unique stance on eco friendly heating systems through the country and people are often surprised at just how energy efficient their homes become after receiving a Powerflush.

How much does a central heating power flush cost? If would like to find out more and speak to Guscott Heating Services today, please give us a call on 01634 477023.

Signs to check the condition of our system:

  • Do you have a magnetic central heating fitter?
  • Are some of your radiators cooler at the bottom than the top?
  • If you bled your radiator does the water look dirty?

A dirty system will...

  • Invalidate the warranty on a newly fitted boiler
  • Reduce efficiency of the system
  • Increase breakdown percentage by 87%
  • Lower life expectancy of the boiler
  • Increase yearly costs of gas bills

The Importance of Aftercare

Once the flush is complete, it is essential that a magnaclean Pro 2 filer is left to ensure the system is kept clean, ensuring a flush is never needed again. Many companies flush and leave, meaning within 3 years another full flush is required. By fulling with the correct chemicals and leaving a filter installed, you won’t need to do a flush ever again.

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