Central heating Health Survey

Every year people book their cars in for a service and a compulsory MOT to ensure reliability, check for possible issues and hopefully increase fuel efficiency.

So why wouldn’t you do the same for your boiler?

A Central Heating Health Survey provides both domestic and commercial properties with an eco friendly service that cannot be found anywhere else within the industry.

  • Would you like to reduce your bills?
  • Would you like a warmer home?
  • Would you like a more energy efficient central heating system?
  • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

With the Central Heating Health Survey not available from anywhere else in Medway and Kent, Guscott Heating Services are proud to offer this exclusive service.

The sole purpose of this central heating system check up means we can diagnose any potential issues much like an MOT would.

Browse below to find out exactly what is included in our Central Heating Health Survey.

Basic Survey

£75 + VAT

This Includes

  1. Visual inspection and operation of boiler, pipework and tanks in loft if applicable, includes visual inspection condition of parts, temperature settings, and system components – recommendation of upgrades on the report.
  2. Check the condition of the water in the heating system.
  3. Clean central heating filter if applicable.
  4. Recommendations on programmer and room stat location/if you could benefit from an upgrade.
  5. Thermal imaging camera report (without photo evidence)
  6. Boiler emissions check

Advanced Survey

£145 + VAT

The Basic Plus
Thermal imaging camera
INCLUDES photo evidence report.

  1. Boiler Service and gas check

    Balancing of central heating s
    Check of all thermostatic radiator valves and grease to prevent seizure (very common problem).

  2. Set heating controls and programmers to customers preference.
Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Sleep soundly knowing that your boiler is being installed by a trusted engineer, giving it a full warranty from the outset.

Guscott Central Heating Guarantee

Central Heating Guarantee

We offer a full 1-year guarantee on all central heating systems fitted by Guscott Heating Services.

Guscott Gas Safe Registered Engineers

MCS Accredited Engineers

All of our engineers are accredited with the MCS so we are legally allowed to install Air Source Heat Pumps.

Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

We Fully Protect Your Home

Our engineers treat your home like their own, and are expertly trained to ensure that your home is damage-free once work is completed.

Guscott Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally Conscious

We’ve researched the best boiler brands, and always recommend the models that have the least impact on the environment.

Guscott Reduce Energy Bills

Reduce Energy Bills

By upgrading your boiler to a more efficient heating system, you can bring down your energy bills and save your pocket over time.

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