Our Money & Energy Saving Tips

There is such an abundance of information available online these days that it can often be a little overwhelming for the advice you should follow.

Whether you’re in need of an emergency boiler repair, a central heating clean & power flush, or even just some simple advice, we aim to position ourselves as the local, independent gas and heating specialist you can trust.

Our goal is simple. We want to help make every home across Medway and Kent more energy efficient, and in turn help people save money on their bills, as well as helping reduce their carbon footprint.

As a starting point, we thought it would be a good idea to share a collection of our general money & energy saving tips below.

Here’s to a greener future; together.

  • Install a room stat with a programmer to only use heating when you need it – having your hot water on a programme helps for the same reason.
  • Turn your thermostat down by just 1°. This could potentially save you up to £75 a year on your bills!
  • Try and avoid drying clothes on radiators and where possible and not place furniture in front to help evenly distribute heat.
  • Annually, think about investigating other utility companies for cheaper and more sustainably-sourced energy. Our recommendation is Bulb – they offer both carbon neutral gas and renewable electricity as standard.
  • Turn your hot water temperature down on your boiler for everyday shower use and then increase the temperature for filling a bath.
  • Think about fitting a central heating filter (This helps remove dirt from your system and leads to a more efficient boiler and cheaper gas bills.
  • Book in a Central Heating Health Survey every few years to identify areas of improvement across your entire system.
  • Should you notice that your radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top, you could look to book in a Central Heating Flush to displace any dirt and debris from your system and help reduce running costs.

Be smarter about water

  • Did you know you can save around £25 a year by simply washing up in a bowl rather than using a running tap – this is really cost-effective way to help save you money and help the environment.
  • Consider purchasing a more efficient shower head which can save you as much as £18 per person, per year on your energy bills. Plus an additional saving if your home has a water meter!
  • Think about installing a shower timer in your bathroom. You could save up to £7 per person, per year by cutting just one minute off your shower.

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