Gas Safety Week 2021

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Gas Safety Week 2021!

From ‘Educating Yorkshire’ to now promoting the importance of Gas Safety, Matthew Burton (pictured right, ( has teamed up with The Gas Safe Register to have his say on this years’ Gas Safety Week, commencing 13th September 2021.

With the week focusing on how home owners are ignoring the risks of hiring a NON Gas Safe Registered Engineer and not having their gas appliances checked, there seems to be somewhat of a correlation between the excuses home owners give and young pupils say in school!

The TV star shared his list of excuses pupils had given him for not doing their homework and actually compared them with the research The Gas Safe Register carried out in July 2021. It turns out the excuses home owners give were worse! 

What Were They?

  • The parrot doesn’t like gas engineers
  • I used a wine bottle cork to stop gas coming out of the hole in the wall
  • I just open the window if it starts smelling of gas. I didn’t think gas was dangerous.

The parrot doesn’t like Gas Engineers? That tickled everyone here at Guscott Heating Services but it’s safe to say we have heard similar before!

The latest research conducted by The Gas Safe Register tells us that 33% of the public make excuses at least twice a week when it comes to getting things done. More worrying however, is the results also tell us that 31% of people had given an excuse when it comes to having their gas appliances checked. In addition, 80% of people in the same study said they would not make any excuses when it comes to a loved one’s safety. Little do they know the two are very much related!

The safety of loved one’s is one thing, but homeowners are often not aware that having their boiler checked annually can actually save them money in the long run. Ensuring boilers are working to their maximum potential means a higher power output and lower energy bills.

It does go to show the knowledge gap between homeowners and their gas appliance safety. Simply put, homeowners must start to take responsibility for learning about gas safety at home and we hope we can help provide as much education as possible to all of our wonderful customers.

Here’s what Matthew Burton had to say:

“Having been a teacher for many years, I thought I’d heard a wide range of excuses, from the old-school ‘the dog ate my homework’ to today’s ‘my laptop has blown up’. And excuses don’t stop when we leave school. We all lead busy lives and find little reasons here and there that sometimes help us justify putting off or avoiding things.

“But there are no excuses for not taking gas safety seriously in our homes. From personal experience, I know that unsafe and unchecked appliances – cookers, boilers, gas fires – can be deadly. Taking action is easy though: it’s so important that we educate ourselves on the warning signs of gas safety, and that we choose prevention over cure.”

With it being Gas Safety Week 2021, The Gas Services Director at The Gas Safe Register (Bob Kerr) added their final thoughts

 “We’re urging the nation to take a ‘no excuses’ attitude. Be better gas safe than sorry – don’t let excuses get in the way of the health and safety of your loved ones.”

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*Research conducted by 3Gem on behalf of the Gas Safe Register. 3Gem surveyed 2,000 respondents in July 2021.

** Findings based on 10,734 UK homes inspected between July 2020 and July 2021.

*** Poll conducted among 512 Gas Safe Registered engineers in August 2021.

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