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how to check if someone is gas safe registered

Over the years there have been countless gas related incidents caused by faulty work from non qualified ‘Engineers’ who claim they are on the Gas Safe Register. Such incidents have resulted in casualties and in more severe examples, death. The last time you had a Gas Engineer work on your property, did you ask to see their Gas Safe ID? Probably not right? 

So how can we persuade you guys to take a more serious approach to gas safety and actually ask to see an engineers’ Gas Safe ID? As experienced operators in the industry, we have seen it all! From the fake engineer who robbed thousands of pounds from the erdely, to sub-standard work leaving the property occupants in severe danger. 

Just earlier this summer, one cowboy who pretended he was a Gas Safe Registered Engineer put people at risk of a potential ‘Heysham Style Explosion’ which occurred in May.

The fake gas fitter from Burnley named Adam Kilbride left a boiler unsealed and at one point, the boiler remained on high heat which the property owner couldn’t even switch off!

This left room for carbon monoxide poisoning and a huge explosion that could have left people injured or even dead just as a gas explosion did in Heysham reviously.

With the case now in court, Kilbride is currently left with a hefty fine payable to the homeowner of £6,300 and a jail sentence is even on the cards.

Here’s What The Judge Had To Say

“I am happy that you posed the highest risk level of harm and that can mean death. It was a deliberate and intentional act a flagrant breach of the law.”

What Do I Need To Ask For From A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

An Official Gas Safe ID card has all the information you need to tell if someone is really a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. The card should have the following:

  • The engineer’s photo: This allows you to confirm that the engineer at your property is the person the card relates to.
  • The business they work for: So you can confirm they are from the company you contacted to carry out the work.
  • The start and expiry date: Gas Safe engineers have to renew their licence every 12 months. It’s important to check that they have a current licence. If the date has expired you should contact the Gas Safe Register.
  • The licence number: Each registered engineer has their own unique licence number; this is at the top of the card and embossed across the middle as well.
  • Gas Safe security hologram: Official Gas Safe ID cards have a hologram with the Gas Safe logo on it.

Gas Safe I.D Card

It really isn’t a joke folkes! Always ask for their ID… No ID No Entry! We hope we inspired you to be more cautious in today’s post and for the latest news and updates, be sure to keep an eye on our Knowledge Hub!

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