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Gas Safety

As per the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, all Landlords are obliged to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate from a Gas Safe Registered Engineer on a yearly basis.

With the huge responsibility placed on Landlords to ensure the health and safety of their tenants, Guscott Heating Services are here to ensure they are not penalised with any big fines or even any potential prison sentences. (Yes it can happen!)

Read on to find out more about our Green Gas Safety Certificates…

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

It’s safe to say that the rental sector has certainly grown in recent years and failing to supply a Gas Safety Certificate can void any insurance or even any agreements made with tenants.

We work regularly with numerous Landlords throughout Medway and Kent, and even supply what we like to refer to as ‘Green’ Gas Safety Certificates.

As we strive to help save the environment with our unique Eco Friendly approach, we’re able to produce a Gas Safety Certificate digitally! They are literally the exact same as other Gas Safety Certificates, only without the waste of paper.

Not only does this contribute to our greener initiative, but it also means all parties are able to receive a copy immediately.

Perhaps you’re an existing tenant reading this, what do you know about the laws surrounding a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Keep an eye out for GHS News for all the latest information from industry facts to our case studies on a recent Gas Safety Check!

Landlord Responsibilities

As mentioned above, there is a lot of responsibilities for Landlords to adhere by.

In addition to tenants ensuring they take good care of all gas related appliances, Landlords are held responsible for organising boiler repair, as well as making sure all other gas appliances such as stoves, ovens and hobs etc are seen to should they need repairing.

It’s gas appliances such as these that are included in a Gas Safety Check has been carried out, in addition to pipework, and the flue installed on a property. A gas safety certificate also provides confirmation of gas tightness too!

How Much Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

Prices Start From


Boiler Only £65 + VAT
Boiler + 1 Appliance £65 + VAT
Boiler + 2 Appliances £90 + VAT
Boiler + 3 Appliances £115 + VAT

Need A Service Too?


Gas Safety Certificate + A Service Up To 2 Appliances £105 + VAT
Gas Safety Certificate + A Service Up To 3 Appliances £130 + VAT

Yearly Reminder

You will receive an automatic email every year to remind it’s due for renewal


All Invoicing is completely paperless and done via email ensuring as little wasteage as possible

Fully Qualified Engineers

Rest assured knowing all of our engineers are fully qualified at all times, so you know your tenants are safe

Carbon Monoxide

Boilers can produce carbon monoxide. We make sure it’s burning correctly and ensure your household is safe.


Many insurers need landlord gas safety certificates to insure rental properties.

Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff will ensure your property is treated with respect at all times.

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