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As the UK pushes for a greener nation, Air Source Heat Pumps seem to be the answer that everyone is looking for; including Landlords. Being known for producing low carbon heating and saving property owners on their energy bills, it appears to be a no-brainer solution for those looking to invest in HMO’s (houses in multiple occupation).

Did You Know?

Did you know that heating our homes contributes to a whopping 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions here in the UK? Being recognised as an area for great improvement, the government have set their sights to make gas boilers no more by 2025…

But is this perhaps too ambitious? Well we guess there is still a little over 3 years to go. But with the Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) introduced by the government making Air Source Heat Pumps more affordable, home owners as well as Landlords must strike fast as it appears that the RHI is set to expire as of 31st March 2022.

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What Do Tenants Think About Air Source Heat Pumps?

A Planned Maintenance Surveyor named Michael Hughes who has 7,000 homes to his name began investing in Air Source Heat Pumps over the past 18 months. Having now fitted 100 of them across his property portfolio, he said:

“I’ve not really had a bad experience from a tenant saying they’re not happy with it. It’s going to be more economical than what they had”

Essentially, ASHP’s utilise the same technology as a refrigerator by transferring heat from the air to indoors…  In this case, it’s a matter of using this energy to heat water which is then used to fuel a central heating system!

Clever Right? So What Exactly Is The Government Going To Do?

According to ‘Inside Housing’ The Government has plans to introduce policies in the UK which means new homes must be fuelled by low carbon heating systems and not gas. Our country currently awaits on the edge of our seats for a new heat and buildings strategy which has been delayed multiple times.

As it stands, the only way for property owners to reduce their energy bills, as well as their carbon footprint, means taking advantage of the Renewable Heating Incentive whilst it is still in full effect and install an Air Source Heat Pump.

Being a qualified and an MCS accredited installer, Guscott Heating Services are proud to be part of a wider human objective to make the world greener by installing Air Source Heat Pumps across the South East.

Having just won the South East Energy Efficiency Awards, we set our eyes on the National’s next.

If you are considering lowering your energy bills, achieve greater efficiency and have it part funded by The Government, we invite you to find out more via our Air Source Heat Pump page.

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