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saving energy

Your boiler is one of the biggest energy consumers at your home. They are often working around the clock and for large portions of the year to heat your radiators and water. There are many different types of boiler, although the combi-boiler is by far the most popular in the United Kingdom.

A combi-boiler produces hot water when it’s needed, rather than storing it in a tank as was common in older systems. Following advances in modern technology, modern boilers offer impressive energy savings in the home. They help reduce energy consumption, save you money on your bills as well as helping you to make a contribution to protecting our planet – something we’re huge advocates of at Guscott Heating Services!

Despite modern boilers doing a good job of saving energy, there are also a whole host of other ways you can learn to save energy at home. We hope that this handy guide can help you and your family become greener.

saving energy

Reduce the temperature of your heating

As little as a 1°C reduction can result in energy savings as high as 6%. This will be substantial over the course of a year and significantly slash your energy bills.

Don’t turn off your radiators

Although using a timer may seem like a logical approach, more energy is actually required to heat up rooms from a standing start, meaning that it may not actually save energy in the long run. It is generally better to leave your radiators on a low setting when not required. This also helps to reduce the risk of high mould forming when radiators are left switched off.

Keep your radiators on show

Blocking radiators prevents the proper circulation of hot air around the room, meaning that the radiator will have to work harder, consuming significantly more energy. Consider moving furniture such as sofas and changing your window decorations including curtains and blinds to help save energy.

Take care when using airers to dry washing

Although it may seem like a good idea to place airers near the radiator to speed up drying, this will considerably increase your energy consumption and is best-avoided thanks to the energy transfer to the drying laundry. Outdoor drying is far more economical and often quicker due to the free moving air, even if it is fairly cold outside. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast!

Prevent heat loss from your windows

Make sure that your windows all seal properly and that there are no draughts. Even the slightest of draughts can cause a radiator to work much harder than it needs to, as it is constantly trying to heat up this stream of cold air. If you do have poorly sealed windows, consider replacing the seals and adjusting the latches if they have become loose over time.

Close your blinds and draw your curtains at night

Make sure that you close blinds and draw curtains at night in all of your rooms. This will help to keep the cold out and prevent heat from escaping. For even better energy efficiency, consider investing in thermal blinds and curtains.

Avoid airing rooms for longer than necessary

This will vary according to the season, but as a guideline 3-5 minutes is optimum during winter, 10-15 minutes in spring and autumn, and 15-30 minutes during summer. By being mindful of the time a window is open, you can really help keep heat inside your property.

Insulate your heating pipes

Even if the room is heated, insulating your central heating pipes can help to reduce heat loss. In fact, by insulating your pipes it is possible to raise water temperatures between 2°C – 4°C, enough to allow you to save energy by reducing the hot water temperature setting on your boiler.

Maintain your taps and pipes

Leaking or dripping taps and pipes can cost money in wasted water, as well as reduce the efficiency of your hot water system through leakage. Often a new washer is all that is needed to solve a leaking tap, without the expense of a plumber.

Fit a water-saving showerhead or tap

A great way to reduce the amount of water you consume is to fit water-saving showerheads and taps in your house. As well as reducing your water bills, this will help you to reduce the amount of hot water you use, saving energy and reducing the cost of your gas or electricity bill. 

Turn off taps when not needed

An obvious one, but many people let the tap run when they’re cleaning their teeth. Unless you need the water, think about switching it off.

Shower over Bath

A full bath uses as much as three times the amount of water of a typical shower – as well as three times the energy. You can also time yourself in the shower to help keep a mindful eye over how long you’re spending in there.

Service your boiler regularly

Ensuring you do this annually will keep your boiler in the best possible condition and keep it running as reliably and efficiently as possible. It is also the key to giving you peace of mind that your system is safe to use.

Think about upgrading your boiler

A boiler should typically last up to 15 years under normal usage. However, it is worth considering how much technology has advanced over recent years. As a result, modern boilers can now offer substantial energy savings and it may therefore be worth considering upgrading your boiler sooner than planned in order to save electricity and benefit from technological improvements.

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