Window Insulation To Save 90% Of Your Heating!

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Window Insulation To Save Your Heating!

How high is your gas bill now? Absolutely ridiculous? Within just two minutes, grab a new idea on how to lower your gas bill and retain 90% of heating generated by your own central heating… Thank us in approximately 2 minutes time.

Have You Considered Window Insulation?

Day in-day out, we are constantly suggesting solutions on how homeowners throughout Kent can get the best energy efficient central heating ‘set up’ for their homes. 

A common job for heating engineers is radiator installation. Some of the questions we ask may include; where are your current radiators situated and ultimately finding out if they really need a new radiator or if they need a central heating power flush (if the radiators are cold).

Now we recently had a customer in Rainham, Kent who actually wanted an estimate for an additional radiator for their living room as one side of the room was always colder than the other. 

Having got a better understanding of their living room layout, we discovered that the cold side of their living room involved a huge window taking up the entire wall in the form of a patio.

“Well there’s your answer we said!”

How Window Insulation Can Help You Save Money

Regardless of installing a brand new radiator, homeowners will still lose alot of their heating (and waste their money) through zero window insulation if the given room layout is anything like our recent customers’. 

Sure we could take their money and install a new radiator, but that’s not what we’re trying to achieve.

Heating and money will literally be thrown out through the window in this case. A new radiator in this case would only mean forking out money to then throw more money away!

Further Benefits Of Radiator Insulation

It’s possible to retain over 90% of your heating purely by window insulation. 

This literally translates to:

– Lower heating bills

– A warmer home for LONGER

– A Lower carbon footprint

As Eco-Focused Boiler, Heating and Plumbing Specialists it’s just as important to us to lower the country’s carbon footprint in addition to saving homeowners’ money on their energy bills. More often than not, people do not seem to understand that both can be achieved!

Not only do we thoroughly believe in this, and not only have we helped thousands of homes across Medway and Kent, but we were literally awarded The Number 1 Heating Company In The South East 2021 For Energy Efficiency.

We provide an amazing Gas, Heating and Plumbing Service and we want to help you today.

This is our latest feature of our money saving tips and for non-obligatory advice and quotes, you know what to do!

If you are unsure how to lower your energy bills then please do not hesitate to Contact Guscott Heating Services. We are only a call away for any no obligatory help.

Look out for further tips on our very own Money Saving Series exclusively on our Knowledge Hub in the future too!

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