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Offer valid until 30th September 2021.

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How many of us rush last minute to book a boiler service when we need it most in the winter months?

How many of us have desperately tried to find emergency boiler breakdown cover knowing that we haven’t given our boilers any TLC during the summer?

And how many of us promise ourselves that we won’t do that again next year?

Sound familiar? Well now is the time to ensure you are #WinterReady from only £54!**

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We understand that life can get in the way of household responsibilities and that’s why we’re here today offering a friendly reminder and a discounted service to all households within the Medway Area! (Must have an ME Postode).

**This offer is open to all households outside of Medway, however please note that the final price is subject to your location, as well as an assessment of the work required based on the number of appliances in question at the property. The 10% discount stands, wherever your property is located.

Redeem your #WinterReady discount by giving us a call, or registering above or below to book your service at a time that suits you.


If you needed any more reason to get your boiler serviced BEFORE winter starts, find our top reasons below

Think Of It As An MOT

As boilers are used less in the summer, it logically makes sense to give it a ‘look over’ so to speak, the same way we give our cars a check over before we set off on any long journeys. Tyre pressure check, engine oil check, windscreen fluid check. If we’re anticipating a wider use of something, then surely we need to ensure the necessary maintenance is carried out accordingly.

Stay In Warranty

Did you know that receiving an annual boiler service ensures your boiler stays in warranty. Without it being looked at by a qualified Gas Engineer, your boiler loses it’s warranty meaning any last minute emergency breakdowns and repairs are not covered!

Better Efficiency For Less

Did A healthy boiler means better bang for your buck. This means better efficiency and simply put, more power for less! That means lower energy bills and ultimately a lower carbon footprint. And if you didn’t know already, that’s something we’re passionate about here at Guscott Heating Services.

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We Provide A Range Of Services On All Major Boiler Brands

Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Sleep soundly knowing that your boiler is being installed by a trusted engineer, giving it a full warranty from the outset.
Guscott Central Heating Guarantee

Central Heating Guarantee

We offer a full 1-year guarantee on all central heating systems fitted by Guscott Heating Services.

Guscott Gas Safe Registered Engineers

MCS Accredited Engineers

All of our engineers are accredited with the MCS so we are legally allowed to install Air Source Heat Pumps.
Guscott Extend Manufacturers Warranty

We Fully Protect Your Home

Our engineers treat your home like their own, and are expertly trained to ensure that your home is damage-free once work is completed.
Guscott Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally Conscious

We’ve researched the best boiler brands, and always recommend the models that have the least impact on the environment.
Guscott Reduce Energy Bills

Reduce Energy Bills

By upgrading your boiler to a more efficient heating system, you can bring down your energy bills and save your pocket over time.

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