Bathroom Installation

We are extremely grateful to Sophie (@barnorchardandbears ), a valued customer of ours, for trusting us to carry out the required works, and if we do say so ourselves, the results are spectacular. Sophie’s vision for the barn & stable conversion was incredible to witness and a pleasure to work on. We truly loved being a part of the wider project! ?

We refer to this type of work as a first and second fix, with the first fix essentially being the installation of all required pipework (the not so glamorous part), and the second fix being the fitting of the basins, baths and radiator units ? . You can see the stages of work by scrolling through the photos.

The interior work (or second fix) on display here also really complements our previous installation of an air source heat pump and full underfloor heating system, giving the property a remarkable all-round feel and finish.

Sophie’s choice to heat the barn with an air source heat pump / underfloor heating combination makes this an installation that’s efficient, cost-effective and a green choice for the environment – the type of work we love carrying out at Guscott Heating Services ?

Thank you Sophie for letting us be a part of such a stunning and eco-friendly project! ?