Central Heating Power Flush

Reasons you need a Powerflush

Your heating isn’t working efficiently

Sludge, rust and limescale cause leaks in your system and block your pipes. Dirty water will result in heating problems and costs you more in the long run.

Your heating isn’t working efficiently

A common problem. Sludge causes cold spots on your radiators. Especially at the bottom. They’ll be working harder to heat your rooms and you’re wasting more energy than you need to. Bad news for your bills!

You’re suffering from frequent boiler breakdowns

87% of boiler breakdowns are due to dirty water in your heating system. A Powerflush is your best bet at beating breakdowns for good.

How does A Powerflush work?

Before a Powerflush

The sludge in your system creates cold spots on your radiators and stops your system from working as it should.

During a Powerflush

Our expert will use a special machine and three-step chemical process to clean your system. This will remove all dirty sludge and give you cleaner system water.

After a Powerflush

Your system will run better. Meaning you’re saving money and keeping your system running warm with less effort. Every Powerflush will come with a completion certificate for your records so you’ve got a reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Central Heating Power Flush is a process that gives a central heating system a deep clean; clearing out deposits of any debris, rust or sludge. It’s very common for pipes to be filled up with such dirt over a long period of time and it’s certainly a regular procedure carried out by ourselves all over Medway, Maidstone and wider Kent.

A Gas Safe Registered Engineer will connect your central heating system to a pump that is designed to push chemicals around your pipes, boiler and radiators.

This chemical solution will remove all forms of dirt, including limescale and even contribute towards preventing rust in the future.

  1. If your heating system takes a long time to heat up
  2. If your radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top
  3. If your boiler shuts down and needs restarting on a regular basis
  4. If your boiler or radiators are noisy
  5. If you’re unable to bleed your radiator
  6. If your radiators take a long time to heat up
  7. If you bleed your radiator and the water isn’t clear

Once the flush is complete, it is essential that a Magnaclean Pro 2 filer is left to ensure the system is kept clean, ensuring a flush is never needed again. Many companies flush and leave, meaning within 3 years another full flush is required. By using the correct chemicals and leaving a filter installed, you won’t need to do a flush ever again.

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Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty

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 “Consumate professionals, the team went above and beyond with my boiler replacement. Courteous, clean & excellent communication with very good post-installation service. Guscott are not only competitive on price, quality is the foundation of their business. I will always go back to Guscott for any similar work in the future”

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“Harland and his team were
exceptional. They worked tirelessly to install a full heating system in our new home including coping with some unexpected tricky challenges. Harland and the team are thorough, polite and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone! 5 *****”

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“My boiler, which was installed by
Guscott Heating, needed it’s first
service. They gave me a courtesy call to remind me and booked a visit over the phone. The service engineers where thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. All done in less than an hour and they left the place clean and tidy.
Really pleased”

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“Harland and his team are polite
friendly and very helpful. They
installed a radiator and serviced my boiler going the extra mile to
reprogram it to ensure complete
efficiency – with good quality
workman hard to come by put these guys top of your list for plumbing”

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