Child Suicide Prevention

Registered Charity No 1193469

Guscott Heating is supporting ‘The Life Matters’ – a brand new charity helping to prevent child suicide and build self harming projects in schools.

Alarmingly, suicide amongst our children is growing and we are here to put that to an end.

Who are the life matters?

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They need you

The Life Matters helps children and young adults struggling with everyday life, self-harming and suicide.

They offer various services to ensure related matters amongst youngsters are first dealt with, before being eliminated for good.

From carrying out family assessments, running children’s 1-2-1 sessions, combatting domestic abuse and more, The Life Matters offers their support throughout Medway.

We urge you to find out more about their full list of services below.


The Life Matters works closely with children at risk to better understand where they can provide support. Through this process, they vouch to transform the lives of children, young adults and the families affected through building better Mental Health.

Understanding that each individual requires different support, we want to be the organisation they go to!

We want children to enjoy their youth. What does it take to ensure our children are not considering suicide?

Please give what you can.

More About Services Offered

  • Family assessments of needs

  • Child’s assessments of needs 

  • Children’s 1-1 sessions (Build Emotional Resilience) 

  • Signposting / referrals to other agencies

They carry out a child’s assessment and make a plan that will run over a 10/12 week program. 

Donation Breakdown

Your donations will be allocated to the services listed. Just £20 can help support a vulnerable child for a whole week. The support they receive here can literally be the difference between life and suicide.

Organisations such as Mental Health Services and The NHS are often over run, and that’s where we fit in. Children are placed on a waiting list for weeks on end and it is exactly here where your donation can give them the hope they need.

Just Giving Page

You can donate now by heading over to the official The Life Matters Just Giving page.

Please remember all donations big or small will make a huge difference to Medway’s Children.

The Life Matters Has Raised over £1,000 So Far

We are absolutely over the moon with the amount of help we have received so far.
If you could make a donation no matter how small, the children in Medway WILL receive the hope they need.

Helping Children Find The Answer

We will not stop until we know our kids are happy and safe.

Suicide is often the last resort and we want to be there for them whenever they find themselves stuck.

There is a tonne of pressure on today’s children and we vouch to be the answer they are looking for.