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Buying a new boiler isn’t the most exciting purchase, but it sure is an important one. Just like when you make any other ‘big ticket’ purchase, there are lots of things to consider and, while some compromises may have to be made, you want to be happy with your final decision. Choosing a new boiler for your home is no different.

With many different brands on the market, as well as factors such as your budget, the size of your home, how many people you live with and where your boiler is located to be considered – making the correct decision can often feel daunting.

Through our years of experience across multiple brands and models, Guscott Heating Services are proudly partnered with Viessmann – one of the industry’s leading eco-focused manufacturers.

So, Why Viessman?

Viessmann boilers consistently have some of the best efficiency ratings in the industry. This means you get the optimum power output to your heating and hot water for the lowest cost and with fewer carbon emissions than many other leading brands & models on the market.

They are a product of German engineering and are extremely reliable, often saving you money in the long run.

Viessmann Boilers were named ‘Most Reliable Boiler’ brand by Which? in their ‘Best Boiler Brand’ survey 2020.

They also achieved a 5-star rating for both ‘Reliability’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’ by Which? in the same survey.

As a business, Viessmann operate a committed and transparent approach to corporate social responsibility – something we value highly at Guscott Heating Services.

They have a clearly defined environmental policy on reducing the carbon footprint they contribute as a business, and clear eco-performance targets when designing and producing products for the end customer. They also educate and incentivise their staff to be greener, fitting closely with our eco-focused ethos.

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Whilst we don’t exclusively work with Viessmann and do fit boilers by other manufacturers, they typically fair very high in our recommendation and we hope you trust our judgement when making a final decision for your home.

For more information on Viessmann products to keep you and your family warm, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of expert engineers who will be happy to help answer any questions.

For any questions, feel free to leave us a message, give us a call or request a call back!

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