What Does The Vaillant Boiler Flashing Radiator Symbol Mean?

Boilers of today are designed to give Homeowners and Gas Engineers an implication of what’s going on inside, should there be any issues.

Much like in our previous post in our Boiler Error Code series – ‘Glow-Worm Boiler Fault Code F.28’, we explore what a Flashing Radiator Symbol on a Vaillant Boiler could mean.

First thing first, rest assured it’s a common feature amongst Vaillant Boilers and does’t pose any serious damage, rather more of a notification so to speak.

What Does The Vaillant Boiler Flashing Radiator Symbol Mean?

The flashing radiator symbol simply tells us that the boiler recognises an increased heating demand and that the boiler has now reached the temperature set point.

With the boiler being officially hot enough for the needed temperature, the pump will still be running until the boiler cools down. It is at this moment that the flashing radiator symbol will stop flashing. 

It’s certainly common for homeowners to worry about what any flashing symbols may mean on their boilers. To minimise the risks of boilers breaking down, best practices amongst boilers include simply receiving an Annual Boiler Service.

The Importance Of An Annual Boiler Service

It doesn’t matter which Gas Safe Registered Engineers you go with, the answer is always the same when it comes to the number one preventative measure for boiler faults – an Annual Boiler Service.

The annual check up means absolutely minimising any potential problems no matter what time it is. Many don’t realise the money they can save on not only energy efficiency, but even more so on those unexpected Boiler Breakdowns.

Be sure to give the Number One Awarded Boiler Installer For Energy Efficiency In The South East a call today for any queries or concerns.

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